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    “Congratulations Andy Ross-Munro on your 45 year tie and 450 game badge! What an achievement!”

Latest Game – Clovelly Golf Club - Thursday, 20th September 2018

Latest Game – Clovelly Golf Club - Thursday, 20th September 2018

The Captain's Report

It was fantastic to be back at the spectacular Clovelly Gold Course. This magnificent course never disappoints and she put on her best finery for us. Thanks to everyone who made this possible.

Thanks to John Spyker, Paul Stoner and their wonderful team for a great day and for all of the preparations.

I had the privilege of playing with Ian McPherson, captain of Clovelly GC, as well as two great WP Nomads, Pieter Claassen, who has been a national sponsor, as well as Cobus Venter, who is long-standing member of our club.  Thank you all very much for the great outing.

We had 20 visitors in the field, which is extremely encouraging, so thanks to all our Nomads who invited guests.

I had the pleasure of presenting Brian Farrell with his 25 year tie – what a great achievement. Past captain, John Winter received his 200 game badge – well done John, you are a real asset to WP Nomads.  

Well done to all of the winners on the day and thanks, as always, to our national and local sponsors.

Thanks again to everyone for a magnificent day and especially to our ladies, Lisa and Lynette who handled everything flawlessly.

Our next game is at Westlake GC on 18 October 2018, where we will be competing in the Konica Minolta Challenge. I look forward to seeing you all there, so bring along your A-game.

Ed Jearey

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