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Latest Game - Milnerton - 16 November 2017

Latest Game - Milnerton - 16 November 2017

The Captain's Report

Our monthly game at Milnerton was the biggest field WP Nomads have had in many years, and it is a great privilege to be Captain of probably the best Nomads Club in South Africa.

The hard work and dedication that the WP Nomads Committee puts in month in and month out is bearing fruit for WP Nomads Club, and I am very grateful for their commitment to ensuring we remain as strong as we are.

The Milnerton Golf Club, once again hosted the WP Nomads in great style, the course was immaculate, the service and reception we received was fantastic, and we are very grateful to Mark Schacht and his team for all their efforts.

We were once again joined by our National Chairman, Richard Plumb. Richard has recently returned from the Australian Nationals, once again well done and thank you Richard for all you are doing for Nomads SA and WP Nomads- I am sure you are looking forward to a bit of a break over the Festive Season.

I had a great day out on the course with MGC Captain and old family friend Niall Keller, and it was great to catch up. We were accompanied by Brett Kelly and Ron Woulidge, which made the day even more pleasurable. Thanks gents for a wonderful outing.

One of the hardest parts of being a captain is saying goodbye to members who have passed on, however, in saying that, one of the most greatest honours ever to be bestowed on me was to be able to be part of the badge pinning ceremony, to say good bye and celebrate the Nomadic life of our dear friend and Nomad Ted Horne. It was a stirring occasion, never to be forgotten.

I would also once again like to thank National Chairman, Richard, and to all the Nomads who made the ceremony a memorable event, a video has been made and will be posted on Facebook.

Once again I would like to thank all the Nomads and Ladies for assisting in making the monthly outing a great success, and to all the Nomads and visitors who entered the Milnerton Game. Nobody’s spirits were dampened by the wind, and I would just like to take this opportunity to apologise for the late start of our prize giving. We had a big field and the logistics of Milnerton were always going to have an effect on the start of prize giving. So thank you everybody- we will endeavour to get prize giving started on time.

To all the Nomads who received tie and badge awards- big congratulations on your milestones!

To the winners of the day- well done on some great scores, in some testing conditions, and special congratulations to Victor Boyd for winning the Konica Minolta Challenge, enjoy your trip and good luck at the National Finals.

Then last but not least, good luck to our Gary Player & Gary Player Finalists, and to all our qualifiers for Gold Cup, which will be contested at Belville in December.

See you next month!

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