Furtherance of Golf Report to the 115 NNM

With Volvo Cars SA asked to be relieved of their sponsorship commitments at Nationals at Ebotse, the main focus has been around securing the new sponsorship deal with Imperial Auto and MFC. While I have not been directly involved in these negotiations, there was little we could give the Clubs until the new sponsorship was signed sealed and delivered. Robbie and Richard did a great job in finalizing this and now we can renew our commitment to Junior Golf.

There has been a change to the process in that the Clubs now have to apply to the National Executive for funds that they will need during the year to assist with Junior Golf in their Regions. I have sent out an email to the Captains asking for their “wish list” and I am hopeful that we can get these back by the requested date of the 22nd. Thanks to the 3 Captains that have responded already.

As mentioned in m y email, I will get a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Furtherance of Golf to all Clubs before the meeting in Durban. I have been given some time at the Captains meeting to discuss this with you so I am hoping you will have a better understanding going forward. It is also important that you pass this information on to your committees so that we don’t reinvent the wheel each year. It is important that we get this right going forward as we are needing to give detailed reports to our sponsors what we do with the money they give us. “R18 000 to Junior Golf” does not cut it anymore.

The last 3 months has been filled with the National age group events and the National Order of Merit Events. These are almost done for the year now (SA Boys U13 still to be played in September). Robbie has attended the SA Boys U19, U17 and U15 as well as the SA Girls U18 and the Girls Rose Bowl Tournament. He has thoroughly enjoyed being part of these events and the feedback that I get is very positive. Some of the Captains have been involved in officiating in the National Order of Merit Tournaments and this feedback has also been very positive.

One of the new things we are looking at is to leave a legacy behind us in the form of a structure or something similar that will bear our Nomads name and be used for many years to come. We received an application for assistance from Easterns to build a Junior Academy at Benoni Lake. This will need a sizeable donation (R185 000) so I investigated it very carefully. It meets all the criteria that we look for when we consider a sponsorship so we have agreed to sponsor this project. Robbie Hillhouse and his team will keep a close eye on it and we are hoping that we can combine the “unveiling and opening” of this Academy when you go to Easterns for the 116th NMM in November.

Another project we have agreed to assist with is a R20 000 contribution towards cart paths at Orkney Golf Club. Orkney is the course that has hosted 7 SA Girls U18 Tournaments and they go out of their way to assist WGSA when they go there.

Everything of the best to Trevor and John for a great 50th Anniversary and I look forward to seeing you all in Durban.

Yours in Nomads  

Ken Walker

Furtherance of Golf Coordinator


FSP Deaf Junior Tournament 2014

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