Eric Miles Cheshire Homes in Milnerton, was the charitable institution selected by our 2017/2018 vice-captain, Ed Jearey, as the beneficiary of the AMEF funding raised by WP Nomads. EMCH is a home for 43 residents with disabilities resulting from injury, birth impairment, illness and degenerative diseases. .

All Cheshire Homes aim to make each residence a home to enable residents to acquire skills within their abilities and allow them to live as independently as possible EMCH not only provides a service for those residents in the Home, they also provide day-care for those living in the surrounding neighbourhood, care in a person’s home and also respite care for periods during which families are enabled to take a break or have medical care without the responsibility of caring for the disabled member of the family. In addition, they also run a day-care centre in Jo Slovo Park for ten physically disable children from birth to ten years of age. Through various fundraising activities, WP Nomads raised R210,000.00 which was spent on refurbishing the facilities and more particularly, in upgrading the home’s CCTV system and painting of the premises.

Eric Miles Cheshire Homes is truly a great institution and a worthy recipient of all of our Nomads’ generosity.


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