The Carpenter Shop in Roeland Street, Cape Town was the charitable institution selected by our 2015/2016 vice-captain, Brett Adams, as the beneficiary of the AMEF funding raised by WP Nomads. The Carpenter's Shop was established in 1981 as a non-profit organisation, aimed at offering job opportunities and skill's training to destitute people. It now provides ablution facilities, social work services, rehabilitation, healthcare and opportunities for education and employment to unskilled, unemployed and homeless people. In addition, it offers temporary residential facilities for those who have passed through an initial rehabilitation phase and are willing to acquire assistance prior to reintegration into mainstream society.

Approximately R180,000.00 was spent on refurbishing the facilities and more particularly, their new ablution and shower facilities, which caters for the needs of homeless people in the area. In addition to upgrading the ablution and shower facilities, the Carpenter's Shop now boasts a state of the art boardroom and mini-office facilities with computer and Wi-Fi capability. Our local Nomads, Mark Harcombe, Ed Harris and Colin Reeves generously gave of their time and labour in order to assist in bringing the renovations to fruition. They are to be commended for their efforts.


The new facilities were officially handed over on 8 April 2016, at an event which was attended by dignitaries, local clergymen, Nomads and a large group of homeless people. The upgraded facilities offer homeless people the opportunity to bathe and to see to their personal hygiene in conditions which are neat, tidy and clean. In addition to the showers and toilet facilities, the Carpenter's Shop provides them with toiletries and second-hand clothing, as well as a place to wash and dry their clothing. Social workers and health workers are also on hand to see to the needs of those less fortunate.


One of the homeless men who said a few words at the opening, spoke of a feeling of dignity which he enjoyed after having a shower and brushing his teeth at the Carpenter's Shop and putting on a clean set of clothing.

The Carpenter's Shop is truly a great initiative and a worthy recipient of all of our Nomads' generosity.

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